K. Ann Lynch

Art for active lifestyles.


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  1. Email me at SwimBikeRunArt@gmail.com with a few photos of your favorite action shots

  2. Make a small deposit to start the work on a truly unique print

  3. We'll work together over email to make sure the paintings are exactly what you want  




Personalized Prints 



Unframed Personalized Print  

5x7 =  $45

8x10 = $65

12x16 = $85

16x20 = $145

Gallery Mounted Personalized Print

5x7 =  $75

8x10 = $95

12x16 = $120

16x20 = $185

Personalized Framed Triptych

(3) 5x7 = $225




Cloud Run

Colorful print of a runner with pink, orange and yellow clouds evoking a sunset run by the sea .


One Design Regatta

British sailing regatta print with the Cornish countryside as backdrop.


Long Ride Day

Triathlon cycling print depicting a ride in the hills with orange/yellow watercolor background.


Diving in

Abstract watercolor shapes in springtime colors.